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Redefine Personalized Shopping

Our shopper-marketing platform for bricks-and-mortar stores is based on proprietary indoor-positioning technology, with unprecedented, sub-meter accuracy. 

Our Vision

Provide the ultimate grocer-shopper interaction platform, enhance shoppers’ experience and help grocers and Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers boost their bottom line.


Continuous, sub-meter accuracy all around the store enables navigation down to the shelf level. Low latency guarantees excellent user experience and state-of-the-art store management services. Our zero-maintenance system is easy to deploy with over-night store installation. Our SDK seamlessly integrates navigation into the retailer's application​.


 The system enhances shoppers experience and helps grocers and CPG manufacturers boost their bottom line by utilizing location-based data. It provides the shoppers step-by-step navigation in store and enables the retailer to address shoppers with personalized messages on the shelf-level. 


Founded in 2015 in the startup nation we are a group of techs with vast experience in indoor-positioning. We came together to solve a personal pain: grocery shopping and its inherent uncertainty.

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