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Daika developed a new material which is 100% natural. Although wood is one of the most loved raw materials, it's ability to be shaped is limited. It’s a solid and therefore can't be molded. Daika overcomes this challenge and allows wood materials to be extruded, molded or printed. This opens the door for new opportunities and applications for shaping and processing wood.


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Imagine your typical keyboard made out of wood without any real design limitations.

Daika is doing just that, while using raw material made out of the 3 billions tons of wasted wood WW. Products made from Daika's materials retain the properties of wood such as touch and appearances, and are completely sustainable as opposed to wood-like plastics.

Wood Residues

Yearly average of 3 billion tons of wood waste world wide.

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Coarse Residues

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fine Residue

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 Are Recycled

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Digitalization of wood fabrication, From scrap wood to quality products.

Our technology will lead to the creation of formulations for machines to digitally fabricate wood products. Current wood fabrication use hazardous materials, requires large storage spaces for stock materials, non digital fabrication, personalization requires labor and equipment. Technology for mass production already exist and can be adapted, eliminating the amount of resources needed for R&D.

100% Natural

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Daika, has developed a new material which is 100% natural.

The material is based on natural binders and wood particles.

Our Team

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Dr. Michael Layani.jpg

Dr. Michael Layani

Founder and CEO

Manager of the 3D & Functional Center at Hebrew University. 

Project leader for national and international industrial projects in the field of 2D/3D printing and functional materials.

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Prof. Shlomo Magdassi.jpg

Prof. Shlomo Magdassi


Leader in the field of nanomaterials and functional materials. Head of the 3D & functional center at

the Hebrew University. 

Co-founder of several companies and has licensed technologies which led to industrial products.

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Prof. Oded Shosayov.jpg

Prof. Oded Shosayov


Leader in the the field of biomyemtics and natural materials. Co-Founder of Collplant and SP Nano Ltd., Advisory board of  CBD Technologies., FuturaGene, Melodea and Bondex.

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Ariel Zinger.png

Ariel Zinger

Ariel is Daika's lead scientist. As such he is in charge of overseeing and planning experiments of the technology. He is an advocate for sustainability and holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University and performed his M.Sc. studies in Chemistry and material science from Weizmann Institute of Science.

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