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World Leading p-Si PERT Cell Technology

SolAround has developed and launches its revolutionary p-PERT, high-front efficiency, high bifaciality, high power, standard cost PV cell, enabling significant LCOE reduction. SolAround’s cutting-edge cell technology and process outperform its main competing PERC solution in its higher cell front efficiency potential (22%-23%), higher bifaciality (>90%), its longer term stability, and its production yield and cost. The SolAround p-PERT cell is candidate for becoming, thru licensing agreements to leading PV industries, a mainstream PV cell technology.


Cell manufacturers worldwide struggling to achieve cell efficiency increases, are facing significant process barriers towards high efficiency in standard p-type silicon cells. Transfers to more complex cell technologies such as HIT, IBC, n-PERT and PERC-BF are still expensive and of lower production yields than expected. SolAround has broken the barriers towards achieving high efficiency in the standard p-type Silicon.


A unique, proprietary p-PERT bifacial solar cell technology. Increases the energy yield of solar systems by 20% to 40%* relative to mainstream cell technologies, at a near standard system cost. SolAround’s cell and modules are ideal for flat white rooftop installations, as well as for utility-scale ground installations, BIPV, solar sound barriers, car ports, facades and green buildings.


SolAround was founded by a team of world-class experts in the photovoltaic field, who have extensive experience in research, development and full-scale industrial production of p-PERT bifacial solar cells. SolAround was founded by the team in 2014, for utilizing the team’s new cell technology, enabling higher-efficiency, higher bifaciality and lower cost cells and LCOE. The company runs its R&D labs in Jerusalem and in Konstanz, Germany and collaborates with leading PV R&D centers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. SolAround is a member of the Solar-Era-Net ‘Bifalo’ European consortium for the development of high-end bifacial modules and participates professional work groups in the area of standardization of bifacial systems.

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