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Our single-stage water separation system is the simple solution to a complex technological challenge. AQUA HD handles multi-stage treatments in one go for an all-around more efficient solution


Separation and removal of suspended solids is a crucial stage in purifying raw water into potable municipal water, as well as in treating and filtering sewage and wastewater for municipalities and industrial purposes.


Ingenious water separation and filtration system that draws on the natural science of fluids in motion. The unique structure of our closed system marks a technological breakthrough in the way centrifugal and drag forces are controlled in high flow. By applying the principles of fluid dynamics and fractal geometry found in natural phenomena - from spiral mollusk shells to hurricane bands - we are able to achieve unprecedented results in the removal of suspended solids from water.


our separation system is capable of capturing and removing suspended solids from flowing liquid in a continuous hydraulic manner. Our unique solution effectively separates particles with high size variability from 20 to 6000 microns from water with a dirt load of up to 4000 mg/l of total suspended solids (TSS). The efficacy is maintained with increased dirt load and there is no need to make adjustments or stop the separation process. Operating under low pressure of only 5-8 m, the system consumes only 50% or less of the energy compared to existing separation systems.


AQUA HD was founded with the simple understanding that nature knows best and can be improved upon for human needs. The company has developed a simple breakthrough system that operates under low pressure – consuming significantly less energy than similar systems while shortening the lifecycle of the separation process. 

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