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reverse dry eye symptoms.


Revitalizing the Cornea. Reversing dry eye symptoms.
Epitech’s non-invasive ocular neurostimulation technology provides smarter, long-lasting treatment for Dry Eye Disease (DED).

Dry Eye Disease: A Vicious Cycle

For a huge population worldwide, DED is no fleeting irritation, but rather daily
burning, itchiness, stabbing pain, light sensitivity, gritty sand feeling, and blurry,
fluctuating vision. Dry eyes affect 5% to 33% of the adult population WW

94% of ophthalmologists are calling for additional treatment options


Epitech’s non-invasive Ocular Neurostimulation therapy is designed to treat the entire ocular surface and tear film, by enabling zero-contact, affordable & easy to comply procedures for a long-lasting elimination of dry eye symptoms.


Epitech’s proprietary technology is based on Repetitive Magnetic Stimulation (RMS), using targeted magnetic fields to stimulate peripheral branches of the trigeminal nerve, resulting in the reinforcement of the structural integrity of the ocular surface.

Epitech: A Competitive Edge in a Shifting  Environment

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